Thank you for checking out the Cobalt Review and Cobalt Press submission manager. Below are some general notes. We ask that you review the submission guidelines as they directly apply to each category. Each editor has a preference for submission methods, subject matter, etc. There is no one-size-fits-all aspect to Cobalt.

2016 Online Publishing Schedule:

  • Baseball Issue: End of Baseball Regular Season
  • Fiction/Creative Nonfiction: June
  • Poetry: December*
*We are not currently accepting poetry submissions. This category will re-open when our new poetry editor starts in March/April.

Some overall notes/requests:

  • We don't mind simultaneous submissions, but it does feel a little put-off when someone withdraws a submission less than 24 hours after we receive it with the note accepted elsewhere. If you want us to dedicate a meaningful amounts of time to your work, we hope that you are appreciative of our time and effort in publishing it. Submit because you love what we do and because you believe your work is a good fit.
  • We do not accept previously published work. If you have any questions regarding these submission guidelines, or what we consider "previously published" contact The short answer is: Can I find it with a Google search?
  • All online content is eligible to be published in our approximately-annual print issues, though only a few from each category are selected each year.
  • Your cover letter should be as brief and nondescript as possible. Simply include your contact information (phone number preferred if you are submitting a full-length manuscript). We do not look at cover letters unless we intend to accept the work. If you wish to include a bio, please keep it under 200 characters (including spaces/punctuation). 

Thank you.

$ 10.00 - 38.00
All full-length books (novels, novellas, memoirs, short story/essay collections, poetry, etc.) are welcome for the first +GAMMA RAYS Book Prize.

Inspired by the final component of the beta decay nuclear equation for Cobalt-60, the +GAMMA RAYS Book Prize recognizes work that leaves an impression. I am most often drawn to literature that devastates, that sticks to my subconscious. The winner of the +GAMMA RAYS prize will be a book that is transformative.

Up to three books will be selected for publication, and the author will receive a competitive book deal. In addition to a royalty-based contract, the winner and first-runner up will receive cash prizes of $400 and $100, respectively (not an advance). Cobalt will also designate a portion of the proceeds from each book published to a charity of the author's choosing. All selected authors will also receive a copy of the entire Cobalt Press catalog.
  • The winning manuscript will be published in June of 2017.
  • The first runner-up will be published between August and October of 2017.
My approach as a publisher and editor is hands-on. I believe that the work is the product of the author, and that it is my job to assist the author in achieving his/her desired outcome. That relationship is critical. I ask a lot of questions, and I yield to the author's judgment.

We will accept manuscripts for publication as we encounter them, so you may receive an offer before the conclusion of the contest.

Submission fees and such: If you just want to submit your manuscript, it's ten bucks. HOWEVER: we want you to get your hands on and love all over our books. So we are offering crazy discounts to the folks who submit to the +GAMMA RAYS prize. You can get four of our books for an additional $20 ($5/book)  or all six of our previous titles for an additional $28 ($4.67/book).

If you have questions about this prize, or any aspect of having your book published by Cobalt Press, please email me:

Andrew Keating
Publisher, Cobalt Press
Ends on 7/15/2016$ 5.00
$ 5.00

Earl Weaver, inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1996, was manager of the Baltimore Orioles for 17 years (1968-1982 and 1985-1986). The legend, who died in 2013, once said that baseball is all "pitching, defense, and the three-run homer." This year's contest is dedicated to The Earl of Baltimore.

The 2016 Baseball Issue will be put together by managing editor Andrew Keating, who will also select finalists.

We are looking for creative non-fiction/essays that come hard and straight down the pipe; fiction that throws us a curveball; and poetry that reinvigorates our love for the game. Any written work (including scholarly essays) on the amazing game of baseball are welcomed!

Only entries submitted through this category will be considered for the prize. Works solicited by Cobalt may appear in the issue, but will not be prize-eligible.

Regardless of genre, each work should have baseball as a central theme or key component.

Before anything else, you should check out the last two baseball issues, which featured a total of 40 poems, essays and short stories.

Contest Guidelines:

  • Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and experimental writing are welcome for this contest. There are no length requirements; just don't send us a book-length work.
  • Files should be submitted in .doc/.docx or PDF format.
  • One story/essay/poem per entry. You may submit multiple works, but must enter them separately, paying separate entry fees.
  • The entry fee for this contest is $5.00 per submission.
  • We plan to put primarily unpublished work into July's all-baseball issue. However, previously published work will be considered for the prize itself. You must include a brief description of where the work appeared and if there is a contact person with that publisher that we may contact to confirm permission to reprint. Publication status will not in any way disqualify your work from winning the prize; however, Cobalt must have the ability to publish/reprint the work in order for it to be considered.
  • Submission Periods: February 1 though July 15, 2016.
  • Submissions will be reviewed, accepted/declined on a rolling basis.


  • One winner will be selected and awarded $100.00, as well as publication in both the baseball issue and the Volume 5 print issue.
  • One or more finalists may be included in Volume 5.
  • Any authors appearing in the annual print issue, Volume 4 (released in late 2014) will receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which they appear.

Cobalt retains the right to anthologize works published in all issues. All other rights revert to the author.

We want to expect the unexpected. We are looking for extraordinary tales and the not so extraordinary, but most importantly, work that exhibits well executed writing, writing so amazing that it makes even the mundane interesting.

To give you a sense of the kind of writing that excites me, here are ten essays that I love:

All submissions of non-fiction should be 3,000 words or less. Writers are allowed (even encouraged!) to submit up to two pieces, so long as the total word count does not exceed the maximum. Please indicate your word count in the document, prior to the title of your piece.

Note: Please take the time to read the overall submission guidelines above. We promise that if you read them carefully, then we will read your submission carefully.

The best fiction lingers for a long time with the reader, whether through character, setting, or a moment of brilliant illumination. Fiction selected for publication in COBALT will have narrators and situations that surprise us, resolutions that break our hearts, or wordplay that makes us dance. Submit your best fiction - we want to be dazzled.

Although COBALT is primarily focused on literary fiction, we will happily consider genre and experimental fiction as well. Types of fiction in which we are not currently interested include YA, “inspirational,” or erotica. This is especially true of stories that contain two or more of those elements at the same time.

Here are ten stories that somehow resemble the kind of stuff I'd love to find in my inbox:

All fiction submissions should be fewer than 3,000 words. Writers may submit up to two pieces at a time, but if you submit two pieces, please make two separate submissions.  For all fiction submissions, please leave your name off the document, and include the word count, title, and page number in the header on every page.

Note: Please take the time to read the overall submission guidelines above. We promise that if you read them carefully, then we will read your submission carefully.

Rafe Posey