Ends on December 31, 2019

$7.00 USD

This second iteration of the +GAMMA RAYS prize is seeking to publish and promote first-time novelists.

Inspired by the final component of the beta decay nuclear equation for Cobalt-60, the +GAMMA RAYS Book Prize recognizes work that leaves an impression. I am most often drawn to literature that devastates, that sticks to my subconscious, that perhaps even mutates me a little. The winner of the +GAMMA RAYS prize will be a book that is transformative.

Up to three books will be selected for publication, and the author will receive a competitive book deal. In addition to a royalty-based contract, the winner and first-runner up will receive cash prizes of $250 and $100, respectively (not an advance). Cobalt will also designate a portion of the proceeds from each book published to a charity of the author's choosing. All selected authors will also receive a copy of the entire Cobalt Press catalog.

My approach as a publisher and editor is hands-on. I believe that the work is the product of the author, and that it is my job to assist the author in achieving his/her desired outcome. That relationship is critical. I ask a lot of questions, and I yield to the author's judgment. I will gladly provide contact information for authors I have worked with if you wish to know more about my editorial style.

We will accept manuscripts for publication as we encounter them, so you may receive an offer before the conclusion of the contest. 


  • The work, if published, must be the first published novel or novella written by the author. 
  • Co-authored works may be submitted to this contest. Additionally, if an author has co-authored a previously published book, they may submit their first single-author novel to this contest.
  • Previously published books will not be accepted. This includes self-published works.
  • Novel- or novella-length works will be considered.
  • Submissions close on December 31, 2019. Review will be conducted as manuscripts are received; however, given that full-length works take some time to properly consider, please anticipate turnaround take a few months. We currently anticipate concluding the contest in summer 2020.

Submission fees and such: If you just want to submit your manuscript, it's $7 bucks. We're in the process of relaunching our website and online store. Once that's done, a coupon code will be sent to all submitters to get severely discounted copies of our past books. No obligation to buy, but this is a great way to learn more about the types of books we love and publish.

Fees help us with our basic maintenance and contest offerings. Cobalt Press is a not-for-profit entity, and our team is 100% volunteer. Thank you for supporting Cobalt with your submission.

Questions? Contact Publisher Andrew Keating.