The best fiction lingers for a long time with the reader, whether through character, setting, or a moment of brilliant illumination. Fiction selected for publication in COBALT will have narrators and situations that surprise us, resolutions that break our hearts, or wordplay that makes us dance. Submit your best fiction - we want to be dazzled.

Although COBALT is primarily focused on literary fiction, we will happily consider genre and experimental fiction as well. Types of fiction in which we are not currently interested include YA, “inspirational,” or erotica. This is especially true of stories that contain two or more of those elements at the same time.

Here are ten stories that somehow resemble the kind of stuff I'd love to find in my inbox:

All fiction submissions should be fewer than 3,000 words. Writers may submit up to two pieces at a time, but if you submit two pieces, please make two separate submissions.  For all fiction submissions, please leave your name off the document, and include the word count, title, and page number in the header on every page.

Note: Please take the time to read the overall submission guidelines above. We promise that if you read them carefully, then we will read your submission carefully.

Rafe Posey

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