Ends on November 25, 2017

We are currently reading poetry submissions for Cobalt's December 201 issue, which will be selected autonomously by editors Donora Hillard and Jonathan Travelstead. Some collaboration may take place, but poets are encouraged to submit to the editor they feel best matches the content of the submission. 

Some guidelines to follow (more like rules):

  • No more than four poems.
  • We're not likely to publish a 40-page poem online, but if you want to take the chance, maybe don't submit three more (just give us the one).
  • You can submit to one poetry editor or both. Please include a note that you're submitting to both, if that's the case. 
  • Check the list below. Our editors have curated a range of poems that represent the aesthetic they are seeking to create in Cobalt.
  • Expect long turnaround times. We publish poetry once annually. It may be 4-5 months before you hear from us, but of course, we'll aim for quick responses as much as possible.
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